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We are Australia's most experienced AWS team

In 2006, base2Services saw the revolution that AWS and cloud computing would bring in scalability and reduced TCO for organisations looking to modernise their infrastructure.

With over 10 years experience and as Australia's first accredited AWS Solutions Provider. base2Services continues as Australia's most experienced and recommended AWS services provider with deep knowledge of AWS systems, services and infrastructure design.

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Over 300 Migrations to AWS

96% Customer retention

Australia's AWS Cloud Delivery Leaders

We have over 10 years experience with AWS cloud technologies and continue to advance our expertise in a vast range of AWS tools and certifications.

  • 2006: The first Australian company to launch a managed AWS offering
  • 2010: Received Australia’s first AWS Solution Provider status
  • 2012: Awarded another Australian first, being named an AWS Advanced Partner
  • 2013: Named Australia’s first and only AWS Managed Service Provider Competency Company
  • AWS Certified APN Cloud Warrior - Aaron Walker, Technology Director
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineers - Professional
  • AWS Certified Solution Architects - Professional and Associate
  • AWS Certified Developers and SysOps Administrators

Balancing Opportunity vs Risk.
Scalability vs Cost

AWS offers a staggering amount of products, platforms and services. Sometimes it's tough to know what you need and what you don't.

Choosing an architecture that meets your scalability challenges while operating as efficiently as possible also needs to be carefully managed.

We collaborate with our clients' teams and ensure that the infrastructure allows them to realise the full potential of their application. The result is the creation or cloud-native, auto-scaling, self-healing and repeatable environments founded on advanced CI/CD processes with markedly improved agility. Our deep knowledge base and innovative approach to cloud migration and optimisation guarantee unique solutions that maximise output and efficiency.

  • We won't simply life-and-shift
  • We leverage Amazon ECS
  • Our toolset is completely open source
  • We employ advanced CI/CD processes

Partner with us on your AWS Cloud Journey

We learnt early on that the project-to-project model doesn't work for cloud services as its short term and narrow focus always negatively impacts the business long-term.

Instead, we engage in a strategic and long-term vision for your AWS Infrastructure, just like we would if our team was embedded inside your organisation.

Your long-term success is our success

DevOps is about continuous improvement

Our team maintains close relationships with AWS Engineering and Product Leads to ensure our solutions take advantage of the latest improvements and update to AWS services.

We constantly refine and improve your solution as the AWS platform matures. Ensuring uptime and efficiency is maximised while looking for opportunities to reduce cost and improve redundancy and failover.

base2Services are widely recognized as disruptive thinkers with deep service skills and knowledge focused on finding the right solutions to deliver customer’s goals and solve their problems.

Stefan Jansen, Amazon Web Services

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Cloud based architecture is changing
Are you ready?

AWS lead the world in their mature Serverless (AWS Lambda) and Containerised (AWS ECS) solutions.

Serverless and Docker containers represent a huge shift from the typical application development life-cycle. We can guide you in how to take advantage of these powerful AWS services.

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda and Serverless Infrastructure

We've implemented serverless architecture using AWS Lambda, API Gateway and a host of other AWS services.

Serverless architectures offer unprecedented ability to scale. However, they are not a one size fits all solutions.

Talk to us to discover how serverless could fit into your current architecture.


Docker on AWS ECS and container based infrastructure

Docker and containerisation is growing faster than any cloud technology ever seen.

We're experts in helping companies move from monolithic apps into Docker optimised micro-services architectures. Utilising a wide range of Docker orchestration tools including Amazon's own ECS (EC2 Container System) we can guide you as to which tool best meets your needs.

How to manage serverless infrastructure on AWS

Using Docker containers to host your build tools in addition to your infrastructure platforms

For shorter development times, less production support and improved cloud architecture, find out how. Contact us for a chat.